Who am i?

My name is Magdalene Javapro I was born on the 21th of April, 2003.  I am from Papua New Guinea but i live in Western Austraila and happen to be citizen. I am currently attending CAPS Coolgardie and I LOVE to play basketball.



My goal, when I finish school, is to get a basketball scholarship, go to the US and play basketball while I study criminal psychology. 

Also, if my basketball career goes well, I would love it if I get selected to play in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and if I get the chance to, I  would also love to represent and play for the Australian Opals.



Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea is where I was born and raised until I was 4 years old. I like telling people that I am from PNG and I am proud of that. #PLESBLOMI #HOMEISWHERETHEHEARTIS

Papua New Guinea, in the southwestern Pacific, encompasses the eastern half of New Guinea and its offshore islands. My country is an immense cultural and biological diversity, it’s known for its beaches, coral reefs and scuba diving. Inland are active volcanoes, granite Mt. Wilhelm and dense rainforest, which hikers traverse via the Kokoda Trail. There are also agricultural villages, many with their own languages. #PNG

My Hobbies

My favourite hobby is relaxing and watching scary, mysterious and adventurous movies and series. Such as Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, Arrow, Big Mamma, Fast & Furious 1-7, Avengers and so much more!